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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if the phone freezes or crashes, reboots, or there is a power failure?

  1. Such issues may be caused by third party application software that has been downloaded to the phone.  Try uninstalling those applications to see if this improves your device's performance.

  2. If the phone can be turned on, you can attempt to restore factory settings.  Please note that doing so will delete all of your end user data so first back up your data if possible.

    If the phone can't be powered on, please try to go into Recovery mode by pressing the volume up(or down) key and the power key simultaneously.  Then choose wipe data/factory reset to erase your data.

  3. If the issue persists, please attempt to upgrade the software or call the ZTE Support Hotline (1-877-817-1759) for further assistance.

What can I do if I forgot the pattern for unlocking the phone?

  1. If you previously set up a Gmail account on the phone, after entering the wrong password five times, touch "Forgot Pattern?" in the bottom right corner of the screen. (Note: You need to be connected with the network). Then enter your Gmail account username and password and touch Sign in.

  2. You can restore factory settings to get back in but this will erase all of your data. To do this, power off your phone ==> Press the power key and  volume up(or down) key at the same time ==> Press the down volume key to move the highlight to "wipe data/factory reset" ==> Press the power key to select it ==> Move the highlight to yes with the down volume key ==> OK

How can I share my contacts with another phone?

In the "People" (or Contacts) application, touch the Menu key at the bottom right of the phone, then choose "Multi-Select" or "Selcect items" from the menu.  Select the contact(s) you want to share, touch "Share" and then one of any of the following:  "Bluetooth", "Email", "Gmail", "Messaging(MMS)",  "SD card "or "Wifi Direct"(The actual menu may be slightly different )

How can I add a Google account to the phone?

If you didn't add a Google account at the automatic prompting when you first got the phone, you can add one anytime.  Just touch the Gmail icon and follow the prompts.

Note : This function needs connection to the network.

How can I save battery power and maximize standby time?

You can turn off some things you aren't using that use up power.

  1. You can disable the data connection to prevent producing unnecessary network traffic when you don't need to connect to the internet.

  2. You can disable GPS.

  3. You can disable applications which you don't use very frequently, thus saving power, releasing memory and improving the running speed of applications. stop application that is running in the background, open  application manager and force stop.

  4. You can stop the LED from blinking when there are missed calls or unread messages.

  5. You can prevent the browser from displaying pictures.

How can I transfer files to another mobile phone over Bluetooth?

First, turn on Bluetooth in Settings and pair with the other phone.  Next, open the File Manager application and locate the file(s) that you want to transfer.  Menu key ==> Multi-Select ==> Touch the file ==> Touch the share icon at the bottom of the screen ==> Bluetooth ==> Follow the prompts.

How can I connect to WiFi?

Open Settings and slide the WiFi button to ON.  Next, touch "WiFi" and it will automatically look for available networks.  Select the desired wireless network, input the password if needed and touch Connect.  When the phone is connected to Wifi, you can see the WiFi icon at the top of the screen and you can use the internet over WiFi.

How can I use the phone as a USB flash drive?

Connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable and wait for the driver to install. On the phone, touch "USB mass storage" or "Media device".(The actual menu may be slightly different )

How do I save pictures attached to a text message?

If you haven't unchecked the Auto-retrieve function in the settings in Messaging, the file will automatically be downloaded to the directory named "Download".  If you have turned off the function, then when you have received the message, touch Download.

Does the phone support voice recording?

Yes, you can use the "Sound Recorder" application to make recordings.

Dimana saja letak service center ZTE? (1/4)

• M-Care Jakarta 2 | Mall Ambassador Lt. 2 Blok A No. 37, Jakarta (021 - 5762539)
• M-Care Jakarta 3 | ITC Cempaka Mas Lt. 6 No. H7 & H8, Jakarta Utara (021 - 21480901)
• PT. Surya Citra Multimedia | Komp. Ruko Mas Blok C1 No. 10 - 11 (021 - 63864678)
• M-Care Collection Point 1 | Lippo Mall Karawaci Lt UG Blok A8 No 02-03 (021 - 5474937)
• M-Care Collection Point 2 | Cempaka Mas, ITC Cempaka Mas Lt 4 Blok I No 693-694 (021 - 42900032)
• M-care Bandung| Balubur Town Square ( Baltos ) Lt. 1 T10 - T11 Jl. Taman Sari Bandung (022 - 21000300)
• M-Care Collection Point | Jl. Karapitan Bandung (022 - 4268720)
• M-Care Collection Point | Jl. Pangeran Antasari No 5, Rt 12 Sumberejo, Balikpapan Tengah Balikpapan 76123 (0542 - 791713)
• ARTHOMORO CELL | Jl. A. Yani Km. 2 (0511 - 3276219 / 0511 - 3275594)
• MEGA TELEKOM | Komp. Ruko Nagayo Block J No. 33, Nagayo Kepulauan Riau Batam (0778 - 7430340)

Dimana saja letak service center ZTE? (4/4)

• 911 SERVICES  | MASTECH Blok F11 ( Maspion Square ) Jl. A. Yani 78, Surabaya (031 - 8477889 ext 1611)
• M-Care Collection Point  | WTC Surabaya Jl. Pemuda No 27-31 Surabaya 60271 (031 - 5468999)
• BERRINDO TCELL  | Supermall Karawaci Lt. UG Blok A5 No. 7 - 8, Tangerang (021 - 54210903 / 021 - 54210905)
• M-CARE YOGJAKARTA  | Ramai Shopping Mall Lt. 2 No. A26, Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 73, Yogja (0274 - 557015)


• M-Care Collection Point  | Jl. Gejayan No. 51 Kav C, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281 (0274 - 587582)

Dimana saja letak service center ZTE? (2/4)

• M-Care Collection Point | Bekasi ( Mega Bekasi Hypermall Lt 2 ) (021 - 29620400)
• GRAHA INSAN SURYA | Komp. Ruko Investama Jl. Teuku Umar No. 123 Blok C-8 Denpasar, Bali (0361 - 246553 / 0361 - 239720)
• M-Care Collection Point | Jl. Teuku Umar Barat / Marlboro No 95 Banjar Batubolong, Desa Padangsambilan Klod Denpasar Barat, Denpasar - Bali 80117 (0361 - 9376061)
• VTECH  | Jl. Gajah Mada No. 11 - 12 (0741 - 43789 Ext 102)
• M-Care Collection Point | Jl. Jend Sudirman No 4 Kupang 85111 (0380 - 820694)
• M-Care Collection Point | Jl. Jayengrana No 10E Cakranegara Mataram - Lombok 82831 (0370 - 629315)
• KARYA ELEKTRONIC | Jl. Yos Sudarso No. 300 Block A7, Makassar 90165 (0411 - 3653800 / 0411 - 5090188 / 081342288383)• M-Care Collection Point | Jl. Latimojong Komp Metro Square Blok G 28 (0411 - 3636716)
• ANDRO CELL | MTC Lt. 2 Block E No. 189 - 196 Kawasan Mega Mas Manado Sulawesi Utara (0431 - 8819404)

Dimana saja letak service center ZTE? (3/4)

• TELEMARCO | Jl. Sutomo No.490, Medan (061 - 4568988)
• M-Care Collection Point | Center Point Mall Medan (061 - 80510137)
• TELEWINDU | Jl. Letkol Iskandar No. 36, Palembang (0711 - 372408)
• M-Care Collection Point | Jl. H. M Rasyid Nawawi No 238 Palembang (0711 - 320399)
• SENTRAL MEDIA  | Jl. Nangka / Tuanku Tambusai 233b, Pekan Baru Riau (0761 - 23700)
• M-Care Collection Point  | Jl. Jend Ahmad Yani, Ruko Cendrawasih Trade Center No A 8 Samarinda (0541 - 7272661)
• ALFA SELLULAR | Jl. Jendral Sudirman 256, Semarang (024 - 70148778)
• M-Care Collection Point  | Jl. Gajah Raya No 25 Semarang Jawa Tengah 50134 (024 - 6716414)
• M-Care Collection Point  | Ruko Notosuman No 2 Jl. M Yamin, Solo Jawa Tengah (0271 - 667492)
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